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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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The Vet's clinic and "The Barkery", the pet shop


Here are some pictures of the fiddling about with the pet items in their right place:

Unpacking the items that will go into the pet shop:

Downstairs, the vet's clinic:

The exam table with its "new" table top, a bottom from a plastic container containing asparagus. I am thinking of adding a shelf under the table as well giving me more room to display stock items. 

Next on the list of things to create is the custom designed cupboards. I want it to have doors with plastic/glass inserts as well. 

A couple of pictures of one of the cupboards the vet will have in his exam room, just very basic so far, will paint and add the finishing touches later on.

I will make a "washing bowl" that fits the top and add the faucets etc behind that as well. Now to find those items...


Yet another view, here I have put on the "marble top" ie. it is made from a bought paper (from Coco & Co)  with a nice sheen to it, it goes in the soft green marble shades, I have also coated the whole "cupboard" with a flat white paint. Now on to the doors, and how they should look...

The basin is just in its very rough stage here, I made it out of fimo and it needs some sanding and gloss before it is done. I want the edges to look smooth as well as the bowl itself. I also need to put the draining thingy in place, another hole to drill and faucets and so on. But it is getting there!

The drain hole is drilled and the metal washer is in its place,, I need to meka another hole just under where the faucets will sit and then I need to smoothen out the edges where the basin meets the "marble slab". Not too sure about the green door either...

Some file folders "filled" with patien's records, a couple are open and then there are the phone pads. I made them look like they are in layers, as if one has used some allready. I only need to remember to have loose ones in the reception area. Which is something else I need to make plans for, ie how the reception desk will look. I am going to put in a corner of the room, so either in an angle or a slightly rounded shape? 

Here are the first set of scrubs I made:

This version is made in a tan background with two different coloured pawprints on:

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