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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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Bikeshop, present for my husband's Birhday on May 20th 2005


This has been a very unusual project for me since I had to make it in secret as I wanted it to be a total suprise for my DH. It is funny though, I bought the General Store Kit from Real Good Toys of Ebay around Christmas 2004 with him knowing of the purchase, you know for "one-of-these-days"-projects. 

I were so happy when it arrived in mid January. I had been planning on making something with a bike theme for a while not just sure how to get things together. Well, to make a long story short in February the schools in Sweden are having a week's holiday which was just what I needed to start the construction:

Dry fitting is a good thing and this kit really went together like a charm.

After one day's work on the kit this is how it looked, the shell is all together, the interior walls are primed and the exterior is papered with a brick paper I got from Tammy. I knew that this paper was one of his favourite.

The counter and shelving unit that will go behind the counter.

The shelves are beginning to get stock, the counter has got the magazine rack added to the side of it and the window counter is built and also started to get the finishing touches to it.