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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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Tutorial 1

This is what you need to make a black-glow-in-the-dark witchy flower:

class 012.jpg (1014269 bytes)   Materials: black flower centres used for making silk flowers, scissors, greenish grey paint,styrofoam block for the drying process, glow in the dark colour (optional) white glue that dries clear, a folk heart punch, toothpicks, piece of scrap paper, black paper

class 014.jpg (1042879 bytes)  First you paint the flower centres with the glow in the dark paint, allow to dry. While drying punch out som black hearts, those will be the petals.

class 015.jpg (738077 bytes) Put one of the hearts in your hand and push the toothpick gently so that you cup the heart a little. Have the point end of the toothpick meeting the point end of the heart, roll the toothpick just a little back and forth

class 016.jpg (989514 bytes) Add a small dot of glue to 5 or 6 petals, allow to dry a little.

class 017.jpg (866494 bytes)    Place the first petal on the flower middle, allow to set just a little, slightly holding it in towards the centre

class 018.jpg (860303 bytes) Add the rest of the petals slightly overlapping one another

class 019.jpg (884105 bytes) When the glue has started to set take the flower gently between your finger tips and roll it back and forth between the fingers so that the base of the heart shaped petals get nicley rounded of. When you are done, paint the stem in an appropriate colour

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