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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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On-going projects July 2005

I am one of those persons who doesn't like to sit and watch paint dry so I most often have one, two or three  or more projects going on at the same time. 

Right now the projects I am actually working on are; 
the witchy Tower
a modern office, 
the Santa's cottage
and a flower shop.(no pictures yet) 

The flower shops needs a flower cooler cabinet of sorts, the one I have made so far is only a prototype in card and I need it to be a bit more stable. The shop itself needs a  lot more flowers and pots.

The Tower is mostly together i.e. the building itself is put togehter, it is painted and most of the furniture is there  but it  needs some touching up here and there. I need to re-paint some of the furniture and then I need to distress it a little since the witch living there isn't, well let us be content with saying that she isn't very good at cleaning...

The office is a scene I am amking for my BIL who is a computer programmer and thought it might be neat to have a scene like that. So far the Primrose Cottage from Corona-Concepts is put together, primed and painted on the exterior, the roof has its shingels put on and it is stained. Inside it is wallpapered and has the flooring is in place and I have made the desk for the room downstairs. For the attic I have made the storage shelving system and started the process of filling them up as well thanks to Jim's Printables

As for the Santa's project that is something I am having fun doing right now as well. This is an idea originating from my DH and he even picked put what house he liked and wanted me to build for our Santa scene. I intend to have lights in it as well and the shell is mostly put togehter, I will have to put in the wood floor next and then I can get on with the assembly. Will only need to purchase some more wood for this and then I am on the go again...