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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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Shared projects with Tammy

take a peek at the Vet's clinic page as well here: 

We have been friends for a long time now and this is the page I will show some of the things we make together:

You will find Tammy's creations here:


A bed for the furbabies, version 1

A "king bed" for those furbabies, version 2 (those pins will be gone though when it is dry)


Well, a picture of all those, now, neatly sorted trims and braids I have collected ( I still think I will need more boxes soon):


A picture of the borders I have made and then a sample of what the "dart board" for doggies might look like...

And here are some of those plastic beads in the shapes of dogs and cats I thought could be used as for an example "fancy" shampoo bottles etc:

Well then here are the first version of pics, will need some fiddling yet, but most of the hutches seem well stocked now, still some left to do, all the things are loose, I just put them in the hutches for display purpose:

Some pictures just to try and show them a little better:

And another set up of the items that will eventually go into the pet shop:

This is a picture of some of the collars I have made, there are more on the other door.


Well I couldn't resist sharing these little fellows trying to snuggle up in the same dog bed....

And to the right there are wicker baskets on the go, need to be trimmed and dressed, but they are made so that they can "nest" in one another, hopfully that is.

Some close ups of the book hutch:

And then here are some of the gift bags with little items just loosley put into them:


An apron from the new fabrics, will make oven mitts and place mats to go with it as well.

Two different wallpapers:

Some more pet shop items:

A heap of rawhide chew bones, appr. 1 inch in lenght, the picture is somewhat shiny due to the flash, will replace it with a better one.

This is a pet carrier in double paw fabric:

This pet carrier in a leopard print is lined with a fabric  that has suede feel to it, I have also added a tiny double sided heart charm to the handle:

This pet carrier is dressed in a black fabric with white paw prints and inside I used a black and white checkered fabric.

The last one so far is made in denim blue lining and light blue knuckles of bone on a dark blue background

tutorial:© Nao-mini 2006

Well I hadn't inteded to work on "Socquette" the dainty pug who just looooves to dance but she barked at me until we started fidding with her costume. She isn't really happy yet, but she said this will do for now:

some dog treat biscuits, this cookie has a tiny bone imbedded :

The first pic of my "heap" of pillows, will re-place it when the batch with the tan suede fabric is done:

To the right is a new version of pillows, not the regular shape is it?

Gift shoppe bags and boxes and to the right a close up on the boxes:

This is how the bags look with handles added:


Here is the first "done" soft pet beds, I have several more to do as I now have several neat fabrics to work with.. It might work making them like a nesting stack? Will see when I make them in the smaller sizes as this one is the largest one.

Have tried making the medium sized pet bed now and think it looks pretty neat having them stacked like this, might try the small version as well...

Someone looks mighty happy with his new position don't you think?

Here is the first "prototype" of the kitty carrier I have made, still need to come up with something that will keep the door closed but it is "hinged" and the door as well as the back of the carrier has a screen mesh so that the little kitty can take a peak outside while carried around. The door will get a trim so that those threads will come of as well when working on the lock part.