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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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Items for sale:

Up for sale right now:

Tiny pet inspired pillows ($1.25 a piece, 10 for $10 you can mix amongst the colours  ), they are appr. 1 1/4 inch  x1 1/8 inch, as they are very light the shipping will not be very high.

Here is another kind of sweet furry friends pillow:


tiny leopard print
light denim blue
blue background with tiny light blue dog bones on it
tan with tiny black pawprints
black with tiny white pawprints
beige with two different kind of pawprints; solid grey and grey outlines
not pictured but there is also a solida tan suede fabric

I am also going to make some Christmas themed ones as well as Halloween patterned ones so check back to see what is avaliable. 

Here are some soft backed pet beds I make, so far only showing two different sizes, but a small one is on the way as well:

A kitty carrier, will also make this one in other fabrics, as well as Halloween inspired ones:

Both the door as well as the window in the back have a screen mesh in them.