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This is Trixie our beloved Belgian Sheepdog, she got to be almost 13 years old


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These are somewhat blurry pictures since they are taken with the plexiglass still on the box the Saloon is built in. I will try and get better pictures without the glass when I add the bartender to the scene. He is almost ready to start his "work", only need his belt, buttons and towel.

  Here is an overview but unfortunatley the picture of the bar itself was even worse in the rest of the pictures. I will definitley have to take more pictures soon..

Just to give a slight hint of the left corner.

  I am pretty happy with how the balsa "beams" turned out. They are interlocking in the middle section and there is a lamp made with a wooden cart wheel as a base, some lights from a Christmas string and the help of my FIL soldering it all together.

The two dolls are from The Dolls House Emporium and the cart wheels, pistols, swingdoors and barrels are from Hobby Builders Supply 

The roombox itself is purchased at a craft store called Panduro and it is a large room box with a panorama view, i.e. it is wider in the front than at the back.